Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
Stepping Forward

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is – his good, pleasing and perfect will. 
– Romans 12:2



We have paid off our debt and staffed ourselves for the future, which were the first two goals of our STEPPING FORWARD campaign.

The third and on-going goal is to renovate our facility so it is a safer environment for our seniors and a more conducive campus for our ministries.

Thanks to your generosity, we have completed the renovation of our Plaza! It is a safer, more attractive and usable space now. We have also completed the extreme makeover of the old “fireside room” which we are calling the Lounge. It is now a beautiful meeting room for adult groups, and a fantastic place to hang out and have informal get-togethers.

There have been (no surprise), some cost overruns and so any donations will be used to pay our final bills on this facility.

Also, this summer we will be extending the stamped concrete of the Plaza and the overhead arbor to the parking lot! Many thanks to Sunnyvale Christian School who will be paying the bulk of this investment!

The NEXT STEP is to do some much needed renovations in our Lobby and Worship Center. This is the primary gathering place for most adults, so we desperately need to expand our Lobby and replace our carpets and lighting. Those who want to invest in our facility are encourage to do so. Any gift earmarked “STEPPING FORWARD” or “NEXT STEP” will be used for these much needed improvements.

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE for your financial gifts which help us fulfill our purpose of connecting people to Jesus and to each other, and our mission of passionately demonstrating the love of Jesus!

Here is how we believe God will be glorified:


  • pay off remaining debt
  • repair patio/courtyard
  • upgrade fireside room
  • upgrade worship lobby/worship center
  • upgrade children’s ministry room

  • renewed focus on prayer
  • increased emphasis on youth
  • intentional outreach to the community

  • expand existing Pastoral leadership team
  • emphasis and support of small groups
  • commitment to serve in community

Would you like to invest in Stepping Forward?


Based on input from surveys of the church as well as prayer and discussion, the leadership staff feels this is the direction God is leading us.  Crosswalk’s church council and Growing Healthy Churches affirm this direction.


We want to be a transformation catalyst for our community and each other.  By making facility upgrades we remove the distractions of age and create some more functional spaces for meetings and ministry.  By increasing staff we can be more focused on equipping and sending out.


You will receive a commitment card in the mail prior to October 6th.  Please fill out the card with the amount you intend to give within the next two years.  You may give weekly, monthly, quarterly, or in a lump sum.  You should make your decision based on how you are led through prayer and reflection.


For some people it will be giving of funds, for others it will be giving of time.  Most will be a mix of the two.  Wherever you fall, we hope that you would make prayer the basis of your involvement.


The first $100,000 will eliminate the balance of our debt.  The rest will be pooled together for staffing and facility needs.

Stepping Forward

This past year, Crosswalk has experienced a renewed growth and vibrancy.  There are a lot of reasons for this but we believe it all starts with the Spirit moving us to something greater.  Now is the time to Step Forward.