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Rejoice, Remember, Re-commit…

I really enjoyed the message given to us by the King through Al Vom Steeg that directed us to Rejoice. It was pleasant to hear that the Lord desires that we celebrate the many (and many) ways that He has been faithful. Everyday. All the time.

We did just that during and after the service (the food was late but that allowed us time to begin talking, yapping, asking, answering…basically begin telling stories…exactly what was mentioned in the message. Remember! Retell!).


It was kind of hectic for me as I was directing this event so having the food be late was not a good thing. I thank you all for your understanding and for engaging with your brothers and sisters who join you in congregating and worshipping the Lord here at Crosswalk. Stories were shared and made, as we waited and then received the food. Thanks.

It was fun. I will remember this gathering.

Then there’s the Re-commit

Aren’t we as a church, all about that? Haven’t we already been doing this for a while? Isn’t this what we do?

In 1999, this church sat down and thought to itself; shall I pursue the commission that the Lord placed on me? Or should I focus solely on removing the debt that has accumulated?

In Luke’s Gospel, the Lord Jesus shares a similar story; if you want to build, see if you have enough money. If you are about to wage war, see if your men will stand regardless of the competition. If you don’t have enough money, don’t build. If your men won’t go all the way, make peace. In both scenarios it seems like we are being directed to not build and to not make war. If we are outnumbered financially and in regards to warriors, we should be wise and quit.

Keep your money. Keep your kingdom.

The most important thing that I see here is the need to, ‘sit down.’ When you sit down, you get to see who you have been. What has brought you to this point? What’s your desire to build? Why do you desire to obtain more territory? Who are you today? Who are you to become?

The story in Luke has us picture someone being told to sit down and consider. Do you have enough to build it or will you be laughed at? Are your men warriors who will fight hard or will they flee? Both scenarios if they go badly have that person losing their money, their reputation, war and territory.

But that’s if they fail. The story never said they failed or will fail; the only thing the story tells us in Luke is, ‘sit down.’

“Come now, (sit down) and let us reason together,” Says the Lord, “Though your sins are like scarlet, They shall be as white as snow; Though they are red like crimson, They shall be as wool”  – Isaiah 1:18 NKJV.

The ‘sit down’ is to be with God. The ‘sit down’ is to return. To repent. To re-new. The lost is found. The weak made strong. Sins; forgiven. Planning is done. Motivation and passion is birthed. Commitment is made.

In 1999 the church sat down. We obtained a decision and we stood up. We began to build. We began to fight.

In 2017, we are taking these days leading up to October 4th, as a ‘sit down.’ We will be praying for those countries we have had relations with. We will pray for the seeds that have been pushed into the soil. We will pray for the lives of the ministers there and here. We will ask the Lord to release His Spirit over the work. There are ministry opportunities that will be considered and on the 4th of October, we will gather again to stand up from our sit down.

Please join us in these days as we ‘sit down’ and pray.
Many times I have sat down and looked at the obstacles before me. Many times I have stopped moving forward because of them. I have come to realize that the obstacles are there to add to the story.

As you sit, may these words fill your mind, heart and soul…and cause you to act.

I am with God so, all things are possible.


Pastor Angel Hernandez

P.S. A part of our recommit is to be in prayer for our missionaries during these “18 Days of Prayer.” It’s not too late to join us, here’s the remaining schedule:

In Silicon Valley:
9/17 – homeless, affordable housing
9/18 – prisoners
9/19 – hospitals
9/20 – social justice

In the World:
9/21- Ghana, Liberia, Madagascar, Kenya, Burundi
9/22 – Russia, Ukraine, Germany
9/23 – Singapore, Japan
9/24 – Iran, Iraq
9/25 – Australia, India, Bhutan
9/26 – Haiti, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Paraguay

Specific Opportunities:
9/27 – Nepal
9/28 – Philippines
9/29 – Thailand
9/30 – India
10/1 – Local Benevolence
10/2 – Peru

10/3 – Church Fasting
10/4 – Prayer Night

Please join us in a church fast on October 3.
On Wednesday, October 4 we will be offering a special prayer time
in the Worship Center at 6:30 pm