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Pictures & Praises from the Philippines

Pictures & Praises

We appreciate your prayers during our recent travels to the Philippines and want to share how God continues to move and open doors where only He can. It’s not about us. His timing is perfect. Here are four highlights where we saw the hand of God move on our recent travels.

It’s always exciting to see the beginning steps of opening a school designed to equip and train Christian leaders. There is such a great need in areas where Pastors are leading churches, but have never had the opportunity to attend Bible College. We spent the first five days of our trip on the island of Cebu taking steps to properly register the school in the Philippines. God connected us with a supervisor who walked us through the paperwork and kept the process as simple as possible. What could have become a spiderweb of additional steps of approvals was kept to a simple process and we were able to complete all of our steps in a timely manner. From the process of reserving our school name to filling out the necessary paperwork, we were able to meet with a notary on our last day before traveling home to have our appointed trustees sign the papers! Even in the details, it is good to see God making a way.

Highlight for Rosemary – THE PURCHASE OF LAND
We have been actively seeking a piece of property which would allow us to build a multi-purpose building for church services and other ministries. Last September we saw a piece of property on the highway in the next barangay (village) where we already have extended ministry to children with a home bible study group. There is no Christian church established in that place and with the property on the highway, we would have excellent visibility.Currently the property is owned by several different family members, and could make the process to buy the land more difficult. I was discouraged when we arrived this trip because when we drove by the land, I turned to Linda and said, “The owner will probably not sell, he must have other plans for this property because of the construction going on”. Before we left on this trip the Lord impressed strongly upon me the words “JUST ASK” and so I scheduled a meeting with one of the property owners. He is a friend who helped me so much when I first came to live in Alegria in 2012, and well respected in the community here. The Lord also impressed on me that I should ask him if he would consider purchasing all the land so that it would be easier for us to purchase from one person.

When we arrived at his house, we talked about the potential benefits that this Doorway to Hope building project would bring to the community with healthcare and community development programs, and began sharing about the glory of God – he is a believer. When I told him that we are still interested in the land, he said he is in the process of purchasing the whole lot so that the sale will be easier. We were amazed. I then asked him “What are our chances of buying the property?” HE REPLIED 99%.

GOD is good! Last time we were here it was not the right time. This time, the Lord clearly gave the GREEN light when he said to me “JUST ASK.” Now our prayers are for the next steps.
Crosswalkers Virgie Gallo & Marina Sampani (sisters) grew up on the small island of Buena Vista just across from the large city of ILO ILO and after living in the States for many years felt called to return to their roots and build a church on their family property in the Philippines. They travel there for extended visits as time allows. We were able to spend a weekend with Virgie and the church on a Sunday morning. What a blessing to see God’s work in that place, and to spend time with Pastor Charlie, a 29 year old young man on fire for the church and young people in the village. It is a common event for 15+ youth to sleep on the floor of his small hut next to the church on any given weekend night. The teamwork between him and Virgie is a God thing to watch. As a gift from the missions program at Crosswalk, we were able to provide a keyboard and some microphones for the church. Thank you Virgie and Marina for your vision to share the Gospel with your home community in the Philippines!

CHURCH GROWTH & BAPTISMS: It’s always a wonderful homecoming when returning to the Doorway to Hope compound on the island of Samar. This is where Rosemary lived for three years as a missionary and where God began a good work that continues today under the leadership of Filipino Pastor Lito. Pictured here is guest speaker for the morning, Pastor Mark Selgas, our school administrator. What a blessing to see continued growth in Light of the World Church and to baptize 14 people, from age 14 to 75, at a Sunday beach service. There is much to praise God for as he works through these people to influence the villages around them with outreach programs.

A special thanks to our church for sending us out.
There is much to do and plans are developing for 2017 & 2018 already.

Your mission servants
Rosemary Sellen and Linda Jackson