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Onto the Next Chapter

Be humble on the mountain tops. Be steadfast in the valleys. Be faithful everywhere in between. While all this is true, like many plays where we know the ending of the story, the color, the details, and the nuances of life affect each flavor and context of the story. It is the same way with our life. While we know the ending already, our day to day circumstances can at times drown out the larger vision and direction for our lives. It’s a common situation where we lose our focus and God calls us back. It seems like this happens to me nearly every day. Perhaps there is good reason why the Lord urges us to pray for our daily bread and to take each day as it comes. We never know what tomorrow brings, but each day brings enough challenges for each day.

This weekend will be a time in which we can taste a double and maybe a triple portion of God’s Word in our lives. It is not common that we have opportunity to grab a double portion of God’s word to refresh us, encourage us, to call us to Himself again. Tim Keller said that, “Revivals mean stagnant Christians come alive and nominal Christians get converted.” This weekend is the “Better Than Any Movie” seminar and it will be of benefit to all those who attend, not only for the benefit it will have in our lives, but in our church congregation collectively. In partnering with Skywalk Church, we can be involved in the work of God going outwards, even as our souls are fed inwardly. Revival happens in small ways and large ways. Will we take this opportunity to hear how our stories are interwoven into the very story of God? How will our lives be oriented differently when we can see our difficulties and circumstances in the context of the grand scheme of things?

The story of Joseph talks about the many years of waiting and difficulty that he endured to see the work of God in his life and in the life of others. His being in jail, wrongly accused, the sense of injustice could have eaten him up alive, but instead steeled his resolve to be faithful to God. Undoubtedly, he most likely needed to endure all sorts of emotional pain, physical punishment, and doubt. What he found in enduring is not only that he became Vice President in Egypt, but that God would use his difficulty to refine him and save him from himself. He needed pruning and that was done only in hardship and difficulty. He needed to see that God was not only going to use his circumstances to bless him, but use him to bless Israel. We often forget that God used him to save his family, all of Israel, and even Egypt itself. Even those who are wicked are saved through God’s faithfulness to us. I would encourage us not to quickly label or judge a situation or circumstance. We know the ending, but only in God’s time, are our eyes opened to his wonders. What we may have thought as blessing was too small to God. It was once said that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your dreams. He’ll laugh not because they aren’t good dreams, but because the dreams are too small. We underestimate God all the time. What’s God’s will for your life, for our lives? What is he calling us to do? Where may he be calling us to grow? What’s next for you? Where is God moving? These are the questions I’m looking to hear God answer over this coming weekend. What are yours?

Pastor Gabe Tseng