Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
Global Partners

AHEAD Ministries

AHEAD International promotes the self-sufficiency of the third-world church so that third-world nations can be evangelized by indigenous Christians and the third-world church can become a missionary sending agency.  ‘Operation Restore Liberia’ is a program to bring hope and restoration to Liberia and West Africa through the building of Christian communities. AHEAD has envisioned a program known as agro-tech communities designed to attract the residents of city slums back to their home towns and villages by improving the economy and educational standards.

Antonio and Graciela Chavez

Doorway to Hope

Ordinary people, working together, to bring leadership training, health care services, clean water, and community development to the Philippines. Rosemary Sellen lives in the barangay of Alegria in Northern Samar, and works hand in hand with local pastors and community leaders to bring much needed resources to the area. Short term teams, children, hospital ministry, and the development of feeding programs for under nourished children are primary focuses. Linda Jackson works from home base at Crosswalk Church bringing teams to the Philippines to support the mission work.

Dan and Deb Goodson

Dan and Deb have been the directors of the Campus Crusade (CRU) ministry at UC Berkeley since 2008.  They spend their time leading Bible studies, discipling student leaders, sharing their faith on campus, teaching at weekly meetings, coaching ministry teams, and equipping students and staff to serve God.  The three words which best describe their work are Win, Build and Send.

The Hernandez Family

Angel and Malia are ministering in San Antonio, Paraguay. They focus on discipleship of young leaders and on ministries that reach out to the children in their neighborhood with a dream to see their barrio transformed into a community focused on Christ. The Hernandez family works with Pastor Eusebio and Zulma Noblia at their church plant in a nearby town, as well as with Gloria and Eduardo Noe at the Christian School, Divino Redentor. Sunnyvale Christian School has formed a mission connection with Divino Redentor and raises funds to assist with scholarships, school supplies, and campus upgrades. Crosswalk Church has sent several mission teams to work alongside the Hernandez family and Divino Redentor.

Marty Hooper

In 1987, Marty felt a special call by God to be an international missionary evangelist, taking Christ to all corners of the world. He has engaged in evangelistic crusades and pastoral training in many countries including China, Uganda, Republic of Georgia, Zambia, Iraq, India, Africa, Philippines, and Hong Kong. Marty has taken several teams from Crosswalk to the Philippines and China.

Peter and Esther Pereira

The Pereiras and their three children ministered cross-culturally among Asians and Americans in Illinois before returning to their homeland in 1992. They now live in Hyderabad, India where they work with Hope for Today. The Pereiras are involved in church-planting, leadership training seminars, evangelistic campaigns, and preaching and teaching within the churches. In addition, they also work with women and children through the Alpha Schools and Homes, a vocational training center, medical camps and a nutritional feeding program. The Pereiras work jointly with The Mission Society and International Leadership Institute (ILI).

Michael & Faith Aboganda

Michael, Faith and their family live in the Philippines

Dr. Hormoz Shariat

Iran Alive Ministries, was founded in 2001 by Dr. Hormoz Shariat. The ministry grew out of successful church planting among Iranian Muslims in Northern California. Through the use of satellite broadcast, in an effort to expand the ministry’s reach to Iranian Muslims worldwide, the ministry began to have a significant role in the underground church planting movement in Iran.

Al VomSteeg

Al Vom Steeg currently serves as the Senior International Director of Training for the International Leadership Institute (ILI). The International Leadership Institute (ILI) accelerates the spread of the Gospel around the world by training and mobilizing leaders of leaders to reach their nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Strategically selected leaders receive advanced training in leadership, evangelism, and multiplication. Graduates are equipped to develop and achieve measurable evangelism goals for their nations, including an emphasis upon church planting in unreached areas of the world. Furthermore, graduates then apply the principle of multiplication by training 100 or more leaders within two years. Priority is given to leaders from nations where the Gospel is least accessible. Since 1998, ILI has equipped more than 7500 men and women in more than 30 nations. Al and his wife, Jane, live in Santa Rosa. They have three grown children and nine grandchildren. With forty-five years of pastoral experience in the US and in Brazil , as a missionary Al feels that God has given him tremendous opportunities to work with international Christian leaders from almost every continent in the world to help them become better equipped to multiply themselves in others.