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March Gladness

The sports pages will be filled with news about the NCAA Basketball Tournament, known popularly as “March Madness.” At Crosswalk, we will set our focus on MARCH GLADNESS, otherwise known as the joy of Easter!

Our Easter schedule is filled with opportunities to serve, reach out, worship, and connect with God in a deeper way than ever before.

Easter week begins March 20 with Palm Sunday. We will be looking at the last part of our Lord’s dealing with the Samaritan woman when the disciples return and Jesus says, “I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields! They are ripe for harvest.” The message is called, “Now is the Time.”

Then we have a special Communion Service on Holy Thursday, March 24. The one hour from 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. is one of my favorite worship events of the year because we focus on the cross of Jesus, and sing some wonderful songs about the cross. The message has an unusual title, but I promise it will lead us to the cross in a very unexpected manner! The title is The Wickedest Man of All Time.

On Good Friday Sunnyvale Christian School will present their annual Good Friday service. Here, with preschoolers, elementary kids, and their parents and grandparents we celebrate the gospel!

Easter Saturday, March 26, is our big outreach event called THE HUNT. For many years Crosswalk has been blessing our community with this event. This year we hope to expand on it! Thank you Crosswalkers for taking the plastic eggs we distributed last Sunday. Please fill them with wrapped candy, put a dab of scotch tape on the eggs so they stay closed, and return them to the bins at church. This even begins at 10:00 a.m. at Washington Park.

EASTER SUNDAY is March 27! Our Easter message is called, “The Great Crossing,”and it is from John’s Gospel. In this message we will focus on the various passages, or crossings, of life. Then we will talk about the last crossing. But here’s a shock: the last crossing isn’t the greatest crossing! Come on Easter with family and friends to discover the greatest crossing of them all. And here’s a hint, this crossing is filled, not with dread, but with GLADNESS.

WE HAVE EASTER INVITATION CARDS FOR YOU TO DISTRIBUTE TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS. YOU CAN ALSO POST THEM IN YOUR WORK PLACES. At Crosswalk we want to create a culture of invitation, and you can be a part of it! If the conversation drifts to March Madness, well and good. But then put in a good word for MARCH GLADNESS!

Please begin to pray for our outreach at Easter time. We live in a community of people who are thirsty for genuine gladness. As those who thirst with them, let’s share in the living water together!