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What Must I Do Web

What Must I Do?

Choosing Sacrifice… There are three things I often think about when I write these articles:¬†listening, changing mindsets, and the Kingdom …

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Roots Web

Setting Your Roots

Choosing Sacrifice I think we all have a verse we often “go to” and find encouraging. Which do you find …

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Listen to Me for a Minute

Raising two small children and observing them has really helped me to differentiate some things that are human nature and …

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Productive or Fruitful?

Do you have a garden in your backyard? My family started one this past year and we have had a …

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Service With A Smile Copy

Service With A Smile

Serving All People… As you may know, I lived in Southern California for about seven years and one very important …

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Putting It All Together Copy

Putting it All Together

¬† Pursuing Truth, Choosing Sacrifice, Serving All People, Making Disciples… One of the most important reasons to be a part …

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What’s a Witness?

When I first started working at Crosswalk, I wrote a post about how God changed me through Crosswalk. Now it …

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Art Of Shalom

The Art of Shalom

Putting our lives in harmony with God’s will and desires is not easy and is a process – it happens continually over time

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Repent And Return Blog

The End is Near So… Return?

If you have read some of my earlier posts, you can probably tell how much I enjoy Jewish theology and …

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Hear O Crosswalk

Hear, O Crosswalk

One of the classes I took a few years ago was Hebrew and it was one of my favorites; not …

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