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The first step in any journey is to find out where you are going.  God reveals it to us in discovery: discovering the best church for you, discovering your role in the local church, and discovering your life’s purpose and potential.  At Crosswalk, this begins with our three foundations classes, Starting Point, Crosswalk Connect and The Core.  Each is designed to help you discover where you fit in and where you are going.  To find out about the next class or if you have any questions, contact Pastor Mark.

Starting Point – Who are the leaders at Crosswalk?  What is Crosswalk all about? Starting Point is about getting to know each other.  We will briefly discuss our purpose, mission, and vision as well as what we believe and our core values.  You can meet some of the leaders, ask questions, and find out a little more about our church family.  There is no pressure, we know there are a lot of churches out there and you need to find one which is a great fit for you.  Starting Point is about helping you learn more about Crosswalk so you can decide.  This is an informational meeting in a casual setting, usually lasts about an hour and includes a light lunch and child care upon request.
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Crosswalk Connect – How do I get connected with other people at Crosswalk?  How can I get involved?  Why join a church?  What does it mean to be a Christian?  These are some of the questions Crosswalk Connect addresses.  We want you to be a part of the Crosswalk family; this is a step towards that. Learn about our Vision and Core Values, the structure of the church and why we value membership.
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The Core – Think of Christian to the Core as the next step in your journey. This eight week session will help you go deeper in your relationship with God, discover God’s greater purposes for your life, and provide you with a stronger foundation to live the rest of your life. Topics for discussion include Intimacy with God, The Power of Vision, Overcoming Obstacles, The Gifts of the Holy Spirit, and Living with Integrity.
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