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Bible Reading Plan

Crosswalk Community Church encourages everyone to read the Bible daily. This reading plan will help you discipline yourself to grow spiritually through your daily reading of God’s truth. The plan is organized to help you read the whole Bible in one year. However, if you fall behind or get stuck, we want to encourage you to give yourself some grace and just start again on the current day. Even if you only get through half the plan, think of how much of the Bible you will have read after a year.

In this plan, you go through the four gospels during the year, but not one after the other, as in most Bible reading plans. For example, you read Matthew, then Acts, Mark, then Romans, Luke, then 1 and 2 Corinthians and so forth.

You read the Old Testament, not in the sequence that the books are found in the Bible, but in the sequence in which the events occurred. For example, Daniel and Ezekiel wrote during the Babylonian captivity, and Ezra came back from that captivity to rebuild the temple. You will find that the Old Testament will come alive, as these books are placed in their proper chronological sequence.