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Hope: The Key to Stable Thinking

Hope: The Key to Stable Thinking

Dear Crosswalkers,

Did you know that when horses have a problem they can’t solve themselves, they ask their human friends for help? Scientists from Kobe University in Japan reached that conclusion in a study published in the journal of Animal Cognition. By the way, you may have already caught the joke of “stable thinking,” but this is a serious study!

It worked like this: First, the researchers placed carrots in a bucket that was accessible to humans but not to the horses. Then when a human caretaker would arrive, the researchers observed that the horses displayed certain behaviors they interpreted as asking the human for help. For example, they would stand near the human, look at them, touch them and even push them. Crazy, right?

When human caretakers who were unaware of the hidden food placement came on scene, the horses in the test lingered near them, looking at them and even nudging them, as if to say: “Pardon me, that bucket over there has some carrots in it. How about a little help?” Asking for help when you need it is what used to be called “horse sense,” or, if you prefer, stable thinking.

Why is it that humans are generally reluctant to ask for help? God made us to need each other, and to need the Lord. That means asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness but a sign of our humanity. Well, we asked Crosswalkers for help during our Easter week events, and this note is to thank you for coming through.

Special thanks to all who helped or participated. In case you missed it, Zack and Jen Vawter did an excellent job with the Seder Feast. Then our Holy Thursday worship service, featuring Gabe’s preaching and Lord’s Supper, was a deeply moving time of worship.

On Saturday Crosswalk blessed our community once again with THE HUNT at Washington Park. Thanks to the many Crosswalkers who took the little plastic eggs and stuffed them with wrapped candy! Thanks to all who volunteered and served! We asked and you responded!

Many people came up to me during THE HUNT and thanked me for our church putting on such a great event. An extra special thanks to those who worked at the Bible candy table and shared the good news with the many children who came by. Crosswalk has a reputation for being a church that serves our community because we care! Thank you Crosswalkers!

Please, if you need help in your life, learn from the horses and ask your church family or friends for help. Also ask God! That’s why we have the gift of prayer!

On Easter Sunday, we celebrated the hope that is ours because of Easter. I was so impressed with the Bible’s deep teaching about hope that I decided to make a sermon series out of it. The series is called UNQUENCHABLE HOPE, and this Sunday we will look at “Hope in the Face of Hostility.” Let’s face it, life is often a struggle. Spiritual warfare is real. How can we have hope in the face of the human and spiritual struggles we face? In the Bible, there is the story of a man who faced hostility all his life. He struggled with his brother, his wives, his in-laws (anything sounding familiar yet?), with his sons, and then lastly, and most importantly, he struggled with God. Hosea 12:3 says this about Jacob, as a man he struggled with God” (NIV). Have you ever struggled with God or with the teachings of the Bible? This Sunday we will look at one of the most unusual and fascinating stories in the entire Bible; the story of Jacob wrestling with God! And the practical lessons will focus on how we can have hope during the many struggles we face in life. Also this Sunday we will be receiving new members into the Crosswalk family. I hope to see you in church!

Pastor John