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He is Not Done, and Neither Are You

This past Sunday, I was privileged to introduce to you my friend, my ministry partner and brother in Christ, Walter Vega. To me, he has been a constant example that God is not done. This past Thursday we went into the Elmwood Jail so that Walter could experience the types of jails we minister in. I gave Walter the message to bring and he brought one of hope and repeated many times to the men in saying, this is my privilege to bring you this.

As the men pondered to themselves if they had any questions regarding the message, one by one they responded with thanksgiving but one’s response stuck to me. He said something similar to what follows;

“I used to be a bad guy. Even though I supported my family and friends, I still had this thing inside of me. As I went feeding this evil, I began getting closer and closer to this place until I fell in (jail). I realized I was living wrong. It was here that I again gave into the Lord but this second time was tough for me to accept. I thought I had that one chance and that I have failed at it, how could I be given another? Though I picked up the Bible, I wasn’t convinced. Though I attended Bible study, I was convinced. But the God of everyone kept telling me this verse from Lamentations 2:23 Here they are, every morning, new! Your faithfulness… I realized God was not done with me.”

This verse speaks about Gods mercies. This isn’t one mercy but a never ending mercy because God is never ending. His mercies are new, there they are, today’s mercies. We all wake up to the new day, the new beginning, the fresh start, but we sometimes forget.

Revelations says, return to your first love. Our first love is actually our response to Gods love for us since He acted first on our behalf. Our first love is that of accepting salvation and accepting that He will begin to rule over our lives. Our first love is the best decision we have ever made. The Lord says, bring that back into play because He likes that. His mercies are new every day, I believe because He likes to show us His faithfulness.

As you hit mid-week, I pray that you would be renewed in His love and wake up to His constant faithful mercy. He desires no one to perish, He takes no delight in that, He wants us all next to Him, every single one. He came to save those that are lost, and He gives us His baton and says, “continue.”

He is not done, and neither are you.

Because of His Grace,
Angel Hernandez