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Give Thanks

Give thanks

Taken from Sermon search:

Ingratitude denotes spiritual immaturity. Infants do not always appreciate what parents do for them. They have short memories. Their concern is not what you did for me yesterday, but what are you doing for me today. The past is meaningless and so is the future. They live for the present.

It’s okay for young kids to be like this since they are trying to understand. In fact, it seems like a correct explanation. They don’t know how things work, they don’t know what time is and they only see who is close to them.

The second part of this paragraph has the following:

Those who are mature are deeply appreciative of those who labored in the past. They recognize those who labor during the present and provide for those who will be laboring in the future.

I will be quick with this, as we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving. Please be mature as you open your doors or as you enter someone’s home. If there is conflict that you are a part of or have gotten dragged into (some family or friendly squabble), don’t be immature.

Face the questions with a smile, embrace all those weird sayings and remove yourself if need be for a bit, but just don’t be immature. Give thanks; don’t let anyone remove that from you, don’t let anybody cut in on you.

Give thanks for those that were with you yesterday.

For those that are there with you today.

And for those that will become part of your life in the future.

Give thanks.

Colossians 4:2 (ERV)
Be ready for anything by praying and being thankful.