Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
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Beginning with the two and three year olds, children and their parents are introduced to our kids program.  The curriculum at Crosswalk does not begin and end with an hour or two on Sundays.  Using the resources provided each Sunday, parents are encouraged to engage the material with their children throughout the week to cultivate faith in the lives of the children.  For our twos and threes, this curriculum is called TruBlessings.  A few of the key highlights of TruBlessings are:

  • Repetition– God is not a part in our stories, we are a part of His.  The Big God Story story is repeated for two weeks utilizing large group storytelling techniques and small group activities each week.
  • Interactive– Children use their senses to explore God’s Word through a variety of activities and visuals incorporating the senses: touch, see, listen, and move.
  • Chronological– Keeping The Big God Story in chronological order makes understanding easier for kids – try explaining to a three year old why “the baby Jesus they just learned about at Christmas needs to be raised from the dead by Easter.”
  • Remember & Celebrate– On the 13th weekend of every quarter we remember the three foundational truths and celebrate who God is.
  • Worship– Children worship through music provided with TruBlessings and encouraged in the home as well.
  • Environments– Tru provides 10 environments for parents to use in raising their children.  Lessons are not written in any one of the 10 environments, but the parent components will land heavily on the environments and how to create them in the home.

Don’t forget to visit this space each week to read about what your kids learned and get a preview of what is coming up next week.

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