Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
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Children begin service with their families and are dismissed during greeting time and escorted to their classrooms.

Tru Story is designed to reveal THE BIG GOD STORY of God’s redemptive plan to elementary age kids allowing them to…

Anticipate- An energizing time for kids to start engaging with the material that will be presented in the lesson. Intentionally designed to spark curiosity and cultivate a sense of awe and wonder about God.
Celebrate- Kids get to be a part of the community of God’s family. They participate in traditions and share them with newcomers, connect through fun and interaction, and experience The Big God Story through storytelling.
Respond- This is a time for kids to worship through silence, giving, singing, sharing, thanksgiving, and many other ways.
Be Blessed- A blessing can be a prayer of commission, a portion of Scripture, or words of encouragement or guidance.

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