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Children & Families

Crosswalk “Tru Kids” Follow A Path
Of Spiritual Formation!

We are delighted to have your child attend our Children’s programs. The fact that you bring your children to church is a testimony that you want your family to put God first, at the beginning of your week. We desire to be partners with you on your child’s spiritual journey.

Want to find out more about what Crosswalk Kids do outside of Sunday Teachings?  Go to our Family Events page

Please follow our procedures for signing your children in and out of the nursery and preschool.  A Registration Form will need to be filled out for each new attending child by the Parent.
You can learn more about the TRU curriculum at their website.



Student Ministry

Our kids are a gift from God. They are given to us as a gift to love, train, and ultimately release. Our ultimate goal is for students to become critical thinkers, local and global minded people who love Jesus and desire to follow Him where He leads.



TruStory: The bible is God’s word- filled with God’s stories of His people. Different parts teach us different things, but they are woven together with one large story: God is alive and here to save His people.




Monthly Meet-Ups

Crosswalk invites you to come and join our discussions for monthly meet-ups. This is the time where families and friends can get together to discuss and sharing thoughts and informations for volunteers, teachers, and/or staff.

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Get Involved

If you are interested in volunteering for the Children’s ministry for Sunday services or Wednesday nights. You can email us directly to learn more about it.

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Parent Sign-Up

When parents are involved in the church, their kids see a tangible love towards the church and towards them. Others around also notice an interest in the spiritual development of our kids. Sign up to be a room parent once a quarter! Choose either a Wednesday or a Sunday!

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