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This Sunday we are going to celebrate Crosswalk’s passionate commitment to have a focus outside of ourselves. Sadly, many churches are self-focused, and all income is used to build better buildings and to have greater programs. There is a place for those things, but the call of Jesus is to prioritize mission. There is a world that is hurting physically, socially, medically, economically, and of course, spiritually. The last word Jesus left for his church was to go and make disciples. The early church did this in a variety of ways, mostly through proclaiming the good news about Jesus; but also by healing and helping hurting people in Jesus’ name. This has been the commitment of Crosswalk for the past 18 years. As your pastor, I want to say, “thank you” from the bottom of my heart, to all of you for being a part of this great endeavor.

The map above shows the 24 countries Crosswalk has targeted in our support of 43 missionaries and mission partners during this time. Note that the USA is included, because our mission commitment is to reach outside our church walls to our local community. You can be proud of the three local church plants we support (including churches focused on Cantonese and Spanish speaking people), and of the partnership with have with Real Options, Help One Child, CityTeam and other ministries and groups that are helping the most vulnerable and disenfranchised people in our community. But mission only begins locally, and it extends “to the ends of the earth,” to use our Lord’s expression.

By God’s grace, and your generosity, we have invested over $2 million dollars in extending the love of Jesus at home and across the globe. This was during some challenging years where we had to pay off $1.6 million in debt, replace our roof, and grow our staff for more effective service.

Here is one story that highlights what God at work through our Crosswalk family. After the Iraq war, when many bullets were still being distributed, Crosswalk decided to distribute Bibles. One of our international missionaries, Marty Hooper, returned from a trip to Iraq and told of an opportunity to purchase Children’s Bibles for the Iraqi kids. Crosswalk took a special offering, and one Crosswalker, whose heart was obviously touched, donated $30,000 to the effort! Can you imagine the impact that $30,000 worth of Bibles in their own language had on the kids in that country? The Lord Jesus said that his word is like seeds scattered all over the place. We scattered the words of Jesus in Iraq. Why? Because God loves the Iraqi children and so do we.

This Sunday will be a special day at Crosswalk. One of our international missionaries, Rev. Dr. Al Vom Steeg will be our guest speaker. We will also have Oscar James, president of AHEAD ministries, as our guest, as well as representatives of some of our local mission partners. We will have an all church lunch at noon, and there will be fun things for the kids to do. Please plan on being a part of this celebration!

Until Everyone Worships,

Pastor John

P.S. This Sunday we will also begin a special 18 day emphasis on prayer and fasting and giving, to celebrate the 18 years of Faith Promise missions. This is the vision of our Pastor of Missions, Angel Hernandez, and I’m excited on how the Lord will use us during this time!