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Better Than Any Movie

I want to share with you some exciting things happening at Crosswalk. First, just this week alone, here is how Crosswalk is impacting our community and the world with the good news about Jesus:

On Monday, Pastor Linda Jackson delivered a small boatload of goods from our Women’s Tea that was donated to Real Options, our community partner helping women and men in compassionate and non-judgmental ways to choose life.

Then we are donating $3,000 this week to Sunnyvale Community Services, another local partner, to help over 140 people who lost their homes in an apartment fire at Twin Pines Manor on Friday, April 15. This is a wonderful act of “loving our neighbors” who lost most all of their possessions except the clothes on their backs. Thank you, Crosswalk!

Also, this week, Pastor Angel Hernandez is in the Dominican Republic working on our behalf with Grace Covenant and International Justice Mission.

Last week, our own Virgie Gallo returned from the Philippines where the church she started there benefited from a Crosswalk gift of a water pump that is serving the entire village with clean water.

This is your church in action this week! Thank you, Crosswalkers, for your great generosity in reaching out beyond our campus and making a difference in the name of Jesus.

The month of May will be packed with excitement. Mother’s Day is May 8, which is always a great day at Crosswalk.

Then on the following weekend, May 13-15, Crosswalk will feature our BETTER THAN ANY MOVIE! Seminar weekend.

This is a celebration in discipleship that will enable us to be more committed followers of Jesus. The story of the Bible is better than anything Hollywood can imagine because it is God’s story and our story! These seminars will help us understand the story of the Bible and communicate it with others.

Our seminar leader is Dr. Kent Edwards, who is the tenured Professor of Preaching & Leadership at Talbot School of Theology / BIOLA University, the founding pastor of Oasis Community Church in Yorba Linda CA, and President of CrossTalk Global.

Dr. Edwards’ ambition is to change people’s lives with the Word of God and equip others to do the same. He is a popular conference and seminar speaker who lectures nationally and internationally. He is also the author of two award winning books.

We are presenting this weekend experience with one of our local ministry partners, a new church plant called Skywalk Church.

Not only will this weekend be a blessing to adults, but it will also make a huge impact on the lives of our kids. Concurrent with the seminars for adults and youth will be a program for our elementary kids where our own Pastor Anna-Marie Valles will be presenting a “God’s Story – Your Story” experience for the kids.

This will be a FANTASTIC WEEKEND of great fellowship and growth – it will begin Friday evening, continue Saturday morning, and conclude Sunday morning with Dr. Edwards preaching a first person sermon at both services, followed by Crosswalk’s famous BBQ and party in the Quad afterward.

Please help make it a weekend to remember by blessing us with your presence. OurCrosswalk website has all the details.

Many blessings,

Pastor John