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An Antioch Moment

Good afternoon all,

In Acts 13:1-3 there is mention of a time when the church was growing and it had a moment in which they were discerning what God had been calling them to do. They had been given a call by God to 1) Make disciples of all nations and 2) Teach them to obey all that Jesus taught. This was not in doubt, but at this moment, they were asking the Lord in fasting and worshipping what they would do to accomplish such a task. In this moment came the Antioch moment in which The Holy Spirit spoke and provided direction.

Is this not where many of us are during the end of the year moments as we tidy up the house, prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and usher in the New Year? Aren’t we all at some sort of crossroads of evaluating where we are headed and where we are going next? What will change next year? Perhaps it is the bustle of life slowing down during the holidays and we are afforded some time to rest and think and reflect. Perhaps, after a seemingly long season, and some longer than others, we find a reprieve, and a time to rest and reflect. Is my life what I thought it would be at this point? What disappointed me? What got me excited and alive? What did I do that made me feel weak? What happened to me that made me feel strong? These are questions that are often asked during these precious and critical moments. Where to next?

This Saturday is such a time as this to fast and to worship the Lord. What has been the purpose of these nights to worship the Lord? They were always for the purpose of rest, but our lives are never an end unto themselves. We are meant to be stepping forward with the Spirit, wherever the Lord would lead. Come as we fast and pray, not just about our own lives, but also about our nation, also about what Saturday Night Worship will look like, or even if we should continue. Or perhaps what will be different in our lives this upcoming year. Let’s kick off this intentional time of prayer as we pray through the New Year about direction in our own lives, the direction of Crosswalk Church, of our nation as we seek His Will to be done in our lives.

Often I am asked, “What am I to do next?” Oftentimes included in my response to this question is, “We’re in the same boat. I’m asking the same questions.” In part because although many times we may know what is asked of us by Jesus, but what is more difficult is discerning what specific steps do I take to be obedient to follow the Lord. In Acts, it was the sending of Paul and Barnabas. For all of us, we are all set apart in some fashion. The question is often how? When? But let’s not overlook the fact that there is one question that is not in doubt: Who?

It’s you. And it’s us. And it’s us seeking the Will of God together, to discern and decide what is to happen next. Questions and doubts are part of all our lives. In an ever changing world that seems to change faster than we expect, and can jar us plenty from time to time, we don’t look at the ever changing world, but we look at the never changing and ever lasting God. What is He saying to us? Let us fix our eyes on Him and see with eyes of faith. Join us this Saturday as we kick off a time through the New Year to pray about what’s next. Let’s discuss, let’s discern, let’s decide, but let us not stay idle by.