Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
Linda Jackson

Linda Jackson
Pastor of Small Groups & Missions


website:– Ordinary people, working together, to bring leadership training, health care services, clean water, and community development to the Philippines.

I am a Sunnyvale girl since 4th grade, growing up a mile away from Crosswalk

Married 28 years to Harold who I met in a skating rink when it was cool to skate under a disco ball

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff?
Mobilizing short term mission teams to serve alongside national pastors and missionaries. I am  proof that God continues to reveal new purposes to us throughout life!

One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know?
These are the people I laugh and cry with. They are there for the highs and the lows and are one of God’s great gifts to this community.

What is your ministry goal?
To dream into people and encourage belief and faith in what God can do through us in spite of our fears and feelings of inadequacy.

Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry:
Recently I attended the Clean Water training at Saddleback Church. The instructor held up her hand with five fingers spread apart and said, “many of you want to move people from here (thumb) to here (pinky) with one encounter. Instead, let’s be happy when God uses us in any situation to move people from here (thumb) to here (first finger)…”

I am always happy when God shows up and people are transformed!

Beach or mountains?
Beach! So much that in 1988 we left Sunnyvale to move to Capitola

PC or Mac?
PC hands down! Thanks to some great assistants, I can navigate pretty well around a PC – at this point the world of Mac is on a different planet

Creative or administrative?
Administrative. I can’t live without lists, but I love visioning and dreaming and collaborating with people

Favorite place for a date?
Definitely Disneyland… I’m obsessed with hidden mickeys and now you have to tell me if you know where one is!

Favorite movie?
Ever After with Drew Barrymore, and Elf with Will Ferrell (still makes me laugh more than any other movie)

Favorite book (besides the Bible)?
Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri J. M. Nowen. It was required reading for one of my seminary classes and spoke deeply into some of my “older son/oldest child” heart issues.

What musician are you enjoying most right now?
I love Hillsong worship any time of the day, but Rascal Flatts is my favorite band!

What experience stands out to you as the most significantly Spiritual Moment you have had?
While attending a leadership conference inSan Diego, I woke up early one morning (which many of you know is very unlikely for me!) and walked through a guided Labyrinth experience offered by the convention. It was my first experience in a prayer walk and the Holy Spirit awakened me in a fresh way that morning.

We each have been blessed with a purpose in this life, has yours been revealed to you yet?  If so, what is it?
In January 2012, I co-founded Doorway to Hope, a non-profit mission organization for work in thePhilippines. God is using everything he has taught me to be used for this Kingdom work and I am overwhelmed with how He is working through it.

What one thing do you want everyone to know about you?
I’m not perfect. I love to laugh. I may appear busy, but I really want to hear your story.

Suggested Reading List:
“The Return of the Prodigal Son” by Henri J.M. Nowen
“He Still Moves Stones” by Max Lucado
“A Work of Heart” by Reggie McNeal
“The Next Christians” by Gabe Lyons
“Three Cups of Tea” by Greg Mortenson