Passionately Demonstrating the Love of Jesus
Leanna Christie

Leanna Christie
Principal (Sunnyvale Christian School)


Hometown: Born in Redwood City, California and returned to the bay area in 1994 after 23 years.

Family: 3 grown children, 2 girls and one boy, 8 grandchildren: 4 girls and 4 boys

Favorite accomplishment/project since joining staff?
Working with amazing SCS staff to bring emphasis of Prayer Day each month to school.

One thing people don’t realize about the staff that they need to know?
We love it when you drop by during the week, just to say Hi or let us pray with you!

What is your ministry goal?
The be always ‘in the moment with Jesus’, in every situation.

Tell us a story of what you’ve seen God do through your ministry: 
Bring healing to families, physically and emotionally, and give us opportunities to love, protect and comfort in Jesus name.

Beach or mountains? Beach

PC or Mac?Mac

Creative or administrative? Creative

Favorite place for a date? Ocean side

Favorite movie? Secrets and Lies

Favorite book (besides the Bible)? #1 Ladie’s Detective Agency

What musician are you enjoying most right now? SOJA

What books do you generally suggest to people for reading? Historical Fiction

What experience stands out to you as the most significantly Spiritual Moment you have had?
At the end of a healing prayer workshop, we were asked to share if we had a prayer need and others around them were asked to pray for those folks.  I began to pray for a woman who wanted prayer for eyesight that was slowly fading, and her eyes got stuck shut while I prayed, then they opened and she just started laughing and was so excited, believing that God would heal her.  Then, as I was leaving, I saw a woman waiting in line for the workshop leader to pray for her and I felt God tell me to ask her if I could pray for her.  She said yes, that she needed prayer for her back, and God told me to tell her to take off her right shoe,  She did and as I prayed her husband later told that he felt her curvature of the spine straighten.  She later told a lady in her church that she was healed, and that lady worked with me at Santa Clara University.  She asked me if I had prayed for her, and when she described her, we realized that in fact I had been directed by God to pray for her.  Very exciting to be used by God and to practice obedience!

We each have been blessed with a purpose in this life, has yours been revealed to you yet?  If so, what is it?
I love to pray for healing.

What one thing do you want everyone to know about you?
That I love impromptu adventures. While it is great to get things on a calendar, I love the ‘spur of the moment’ fun of being ready for life.