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A Mix Up

Proverbs 27:17 Amplified
As iron sharpens iron, So one man sharpens and influences another through discussion.

Every weekday I have the responsibility of taking my three younger kids to their schools and am usually done by 8:30 a.m. On one occasion a few weeks back, I had Cruz ride along with me due to thinking it was a Saturday and not waking up on time. He could not just go on his own, he needed his dad to get him through the school office. On our ride, Cruz asked me what I was going to tell the office and I said that I was going to say he was late due to oversleeping. But Cruz had a suggestion.

He said that I should say there was a mix up. He told me that that phrase is OP, meaning over-powered, that if I say that, I wouldn’t need to explain myself. So when the attendant asked me the reason for the tardy I responded by saying, ‘I have kids, there was a mix- up.’ The attendant easily accepted that excuse and Cruz was on his way.

As I think about that and the power that that phrase holds within Cruz’s school, I wonder about us. These past weeks we have focused on the Lord’s calling on our lives. Our first week of Faith Promise, we had ministers come and share on how the Lord is calling you into His work. Last week we heard from Dallas Elder say that we are to use what we have as part of our calling.

The attendance person at Cruz’s school only stayed on the surface of the matter. She need not ask us to explain why there was a mix-up. The phrase was easily understood, accepted and is probably used by many.

Within our church lingo, we ask others what they thought of the service or the message and they often say,”It spoke to me.” Don’t we say that? Is that our ‘mix-up’ phrase? Are our conversations staying on the surface with no intention to find out more? How did He speak, what was said, what is next?

Iron sharpens iron because iron removes the surface and gets to new-untouched metal. Iron hitting iron creates sparks and breaks and brings to the surface a new look. Iron needs iron to change. One step we can take as a church is to review with other members how the Lord has spoken to us. Though this time of year is a time to celebrate what the Lord has done through faith promise, it is also important to assist in placing people where they should be.

At Cruz’s school, I was surprised that the phrase was accepted. There was a mix-up, no need to explain. But within the work of God, let’s ask for some details. Let’s help get our brothers and sisters answering their call.

Pastor Angel